Great Ways To Spice Up Family Reunions

There is nothing more important than family. During the vacations, when I was a kid we went out together with my cousins. Today all grown up, during the vacations we all come home to visit our family. There is big difference of life then and now but one thing will remain is the love for each other. Bonding every once in a while is really important. Here are some great ways to keep family reunions interesting and make people look forward to it.

Who doesn’t love movies? A family reunion is great for a movie marathon. It need not be only the cousins and siblings engaging in the movie marathon. Grandparents, uncles and aunts too must join the movie marathon. The best way to go ahead with this is to let each generation of family choose one movie to watch. No one will complain that they don’t like the movies. You can assure that everyone will enjoy the movie they are watching as well. Maybe to add more to the family memories try to bring back old movie footages if possible of birthdays, weddings or even previous family reunions.

If there is anything that everyone loves is music. Have a karaoke night! Get a karaoke jukebox hire and bring it to the family reunion. Make sure to have both the golden hits and as well the modern hits so that everyone can sing along.

Make sure everyone sings or maybe divide in to groups mixed of all the generations and let that grandparents decide who wins! You could hire slushie machine for the kids so the drinks can be easily refilled instead going to the kitchen to pour a cup for everyone.

Sports are one of the best things that can bring anyone closer. Divide the teams into a mix of different generations. A game of cricket or football to kick start the day and to add to that have more family fun games. You can find a whole list of them on the internet. Get many photos and head over back to the house for food and watch all the videos and pictures together. End the day with fellowship or singing songs together in a campfire.

You can organize a campfire and get everyone sit and share stories and memories with the whole family. Have a BBQ in the night. Sing songs around the campfire and end the day on a high note. Remember always have activities to get the whole family engaged so that everyone will have fun and remember the day.