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Unique Wedding Ideas For Your Nuptial

You might remember the days, when you were a little kid dreaming of the kind of wedding you want to have. One that transforms you from your inner feisty and strong Pocahontas to a bedazzling Cinderella! And as a little girl you might have had so many plans and ideas that you would have wanted to include as a part of your wedding. While some might seem rather embarrassing and impractical (unicorns with braided manes) others just might seem perfect (dozens of flowers of every kind!). Here are some more ideas you could use to change that special day of yours in to one that is even more memorable and entertaining.

Simple and modern bouquet

Today most brides are going for a more modern and classy look. One that doesn’t look like your trying too hard, but also shows class. And so the trend is to carry a simple bouquet that is designed with simple yet highlighting flowers and some classy greens. What’s even better is that they look way better than any regular bouquet in many wedding pictures HK as well.

The guest playlist

People have different kinds of musical tastes and styles that they love. Some might enjoy classical tunes while the others might like something that is more modern and upbeat. If you want your guests to enjoy their time, while they share your joy with you, ask them to send in their favorite tunes via email or by noting it down on the RSVP card. Create a guest playlist and let your guests jam to their favorite beats! This would also allow the well known engagement photographer HK to capture some real embarrassing yet natural pictures, that you can laugh at, five ten years down the lane!

The official stamp

Having yours and your spouse’s initial letters carved in the form of an official stamp, adds in a more personalized look to the overall function. So do create one of your own and make sure to include it in on the wedding invites, table numbers and even on those cute little goody bags!

The modern cake toppers

Who says you’ve got to stick to the old style of bride and groom cake toppers? Today everything is about being different and thinking out of the box. So do think out of the box when it comes to your cake structure and toppers as well. use your theme as a base and select the ideal topper for your cake!

Make sure to smile your brightest smile and pose for the best pictures to make sure you have only good memories to look back to, on this day!